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My own love story

My Story:

Needless to say, I'm crazy about love, fun, and joyousness and, lucky me, I have the best job to celebrate it! I had three dreams in life, one being able to own my own photography business, to meet and marry the love of my life, and to have a family,  Dream one took over in 2005, enabling me to meet Jake, better known as Jakeybear, who pretty much exceeds all expectations in the everything I ever wanted category, and finally, my baby girl Logan, the sweetest, most wonderful completion to my world I could ever imagine.

Jake and I met when I joined his softball team a few years back, being the great friend who gave the absolute BEST hugs in the world. I first noticed that something deeper was blooming when the little things started changing: showing up to watch a game with me after work, but dressed up and looking spiffy, baseball cap-less with freshly combed hair and a pressed polo shirt, or offering to come over and help me experiment with chocolate chip cookie recipes on snow days, or the big signal, letting me eat off his plate at meals...

On Friday, February 13th, 2009 we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day early since Jake had a volleyball tournament all weekend. We were going to dinner at the in Boyds, MD at a great little Inn on Comus Rd. As we were running a bit early, he asked if we could stop by mom's house first, who was currently in Phoenix. So we did; she has this really big yard and back porch, great for star watching, which I love to do. Awww, what a sweet intro to our Valentines dinner... nice job Jake!

We're sitting in the dark, looking at the stars and he starts talking about how it was about a year ago that he opened his soul to me and let me into his heart. We talked about the good times we've had over the last year, and I was completely oblivious... It was very Valentinesy!

It was around then that he slides himself off the bench.. gets down on one knee, holds the little box open in front of me and says, "Sarah Michonski, will you marry me?" (There were no 6 better words that I've ever heard in my life)

We had our wedding May 30, 2010, at Shade Trees and Evergreens, on a lake, outdoors under the bright spring sun, surrounded by green green trees, family and friends. Following our perfect wedding we tramped to sunny Mexico and took Trash the Dress pictures with renowned Del Sol Photography. I have to say, there really isn't any feeling in the world like swimming around in your wedding dress next to the love of your life!

Logan came into the world January 2013 and has completed my soul.  She is everything that was always missing and I can barely remember feeling a moment of life without her in it :)