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Advice for photo sessions :)

I'm frequently asked lots of questions regarding photo shoots, including, what kinds of clothes should I wear, how many outfits should I bring, can you come to me, when should I feed the baby, etc?

Here's some advice for these frequently asked questions:

Outfits: Best thing to wear is something your most self conscious person feels pretty in and then base everyone else's outfits off that.  It should also match your setting (cowboy boots and jeans for a barn, super flowing dress for a field or beach, etc) OR, go off course and totally stand out in your setting!  Hot pink and sunsets though, definitely don't mix.  If no one is super judgmental of their looks, pick a cute outfit and you're good to go!

For an hour session, you can probably get away with 2-3 outfits, just make sure you have a quick to access place to change.  (bring a friend and a large sheet as a last resort).


Yes, I travel.  Anything over 50 miles round trip for photo sessions or 100 miles round trip for weddings incurs a $1/mile charge.  Or you can come to me :)


Newborn sessions:  I have a document I can send you before your session advising you on best feeding times, advice, etc.


When to pay me:  Payment is due at time of service or before.  No editing will be done until payment is made in full.